Steffi Lewin Shapiro, M.S.W., R.Y.T.


From Professionals:

Steffi Shapiro's Elder-Yoga presents a multifaceted approach to exercise, health and well-being. Her calm demeanor and clear descriptions allow the elder to easily understand each and every movement performed, as well as the potential deeper meaning and psycho-spiritual benefits that can result from practicing yoga. Steffi's many years of experience teaching and studying yoga shine brightly in this video as a true-to-form transmission of the yoga discipline while simultaneously making this ancient form of exercise easily accessible to today's seniors.

- Ted Aransky, M.Ed., CPT
Fitness & Wellness Director, Center Communities of Brookline
Health Educator, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for Aged

From Video Participants:

Not only have I received relief from my aches and pains, I'm a more relaxed person, and I find that emotionally I'm in better control now.

- Adele Dudelson, 87,
nursing instructor

I recommend the yoga to all of my friends. Everybody is afraid a little that it will be too rough or too strong. I say "No, it's not like that. You just come and see."

- Maria Staulo, 71,
retired professor

I was a little depressed, and yoga is one of the things that helped me a great deal... You can feel much stress reduction after an hour of yoga.

- Earle Barcus, 76,
retired professor

It has been very helpful, keeping me focused and lively and attentive, and keeps me going. Even if I can't always do everything, most of it I can do very well.

- Sylvia White,
piano teacher

I feel better when I get home, and I can walk better. It makes me feel better about myself. I feel much more limber.

- Ruth Lowens, 87

I find it very relaxing and enjoyable. It gives me exercise but does not wear me out. It's very easy and relaxing and nice to do.

- Charlotte Chipman, 101